Silverman Gallery
"We reviewed over 50 artists to find these four," Silverman said, "and it wasn't easy. We picked these four people, because they were passionate and dedicated. Then we spent some money to build a beautiful gallery so we can show their work. Each of them is going to have a part of that gallery." Silverman spoke with numerous artists, gallery owners and patrons before investing in this new venture.

He explained, "There were good artists here who said, 'I need wall space. I have an art opening and after three or four months, I'm gone. How can I build up a rapport with all these collectors when they can never find me again?' "I said to myself, 'Why is that? Why is it that they keep changing every three months and then another one comes in? How do you get any continuity in that?'" The real estate magnate decided to act. "I wanted four people who could paint in the tradition of the early painters," he said. "That's what I love about Bucks County; it's got that impressionist style. It's very special, very beautiful."

Silverman knows the sensation of impressionism here along the Delaware River, especially when mist creeps around at the crack of dawn. "I felt it all my life when I drove up and down the River," he said. "You go to a gallery in Lambertville … and they have maybe three impressionist paintings. The people come in and they head right for those. "It reminds them of this beautiful valley we have here, and they want to bring a little of that home so they can look at it. … They're going to sell from $2,000 to $10,000, that's a hell of a range."

Silverman said he is paying each artist $2,000 for exclusivity for one year. "After a year, they'll know if they want to stay with me. If it works, I want to keep them – forever. The art at the gallery is original, affordable and first class."