John Kane

John Kane's work has long been a favorite of Bucks County collectors. After years of working as an illustrator in New York City, his move to the Erwinna area provided a fertile abundance of artistic freedom and inspiration. His direction is not set in stone, nor does it follow a linear path. Looking at one of his landscapes you are captivated by the sunlight on the side of a building, your eyes following a receding tree or fence line. As an artist, Kane is led to experiment and explore. "I am influenced by whatever I see this week. Lately I have been ramping up the color, pumping up everything, even the lines of buildings. I truly enjoy what I am doing!"

Exaggerated colors (some straight from the tube), varying palettes and playing with the mechanics of painting keep things fresh and interesting. I am enamored with all the materials and textures, good paint is like frosting or butter, the quality is amazing." A quick sketch and notes on a napkin may become "something great, something out of nothing, pulled from the air, I'm only in charge of my little painting. I can do anything and throw it in the garbage if I want . . . the end result may lead to something else."

Born in New Hampshire in 1951, art fascinated him as far back as he can remember. He had a special interest in drawing in high school, but his first passion was music. He began playing in bands in elementary school. As soon as he was old enought to travel, he began a career as a professional musician, playing guitar with various local bands. (Don't miss The Kane Trio, playing monthly at Earl's in Peddler's Village!)


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