Glenn Harrington

Glenn Harrington works from his studio, in an idyllic country setting in Upper Bucks County. Known for his critically acclaimed portraits and figurative work, he has painted for galleries and publications around the world for nearly 40 years. He has consistently won awards from the Oil Painters of America, Art Renewal Center, and the International Guild of Realism.

Jean Childs Buzgo

The paintings of Jean Childs Buzgo are joyfully and thoughtfully rendered, with subject matter that is always a treat for the eye. The historical buildings, byways of the local towns and the area's farms and waterways continue to inspire her. Look for wonderful images shown of her newest work on social media and this website!

Jim Rodgers

Jim Rodgers has been painting Bucks County and beyond for over 30 years. He paints a wide range of subjects: from lush American and European landscapes to intimate genre paintings as well as elegant and sophisticated still life and floral renderings. Jim's style reflects a richness in tone and color that comes from over 30 years of professional study and numerous sojourns throughout the world.

Anita Shrager

Anita Shrager, is a Bucks County plein air painter, working in oils for over 40 years.

Her paintings are a softer, blended version of Impressionism, oils thinly applied in transparent layers, building up to a depth of color and shape infused with her lightness of touch. Reflections cast into Delaware Valley waterways are just spectacular and her award-winning floral studies bring year-round touches of color to her collectors' walls.

Desmond McRory

Desmond McRory was introduced in March as a guest artist and has now become a Silverman regular. He considers himself to be a tonalist painter, simplifying his subject matter and setting the mood with an overall tone of colored atmosphere or mist, as seen in his recent Fog on Lower Creek.*

*In August of 2014, this painting was chosen by the Moravian College's Payne Gallery to become part of their permanent collection. 

Jennifer Hansen Rolli

Jennifer Hansen Rolli is known for her sweeping landscapes and elegant, painterly style. Glorious paintings have emerged from her day-to-day travels on Bucks County roads. Seascapes, streetscapes and intimate figurative portraits hold equal footing.

This year, Rolli has been hard at work finalizing her second and third children's books. Look for her next solo exhibition in December of 2017!

David Stier

David Stier's world is comprised of wonderful shadows and light, subdued colors with a certain earthiness to it, something almost primal. Edges are blurred and brought back into focus, bringing you along into the painting. David's work is set apart in that he works primarily on birch panels, presenting each painting in his own handcrafted, stone-washed frames.

New work by Stier will be featured in the gallery in his next solo exhibition, coming in October of 2017!

Joseph Barrett


For over 40 years, Joseph Barrett of Lahaska has painted landscapes that are whimsical, vibrant, full of life and imagination. The work of this iconic, Bucks County artist is always a treat for the eyes. Barrett has lived and painted in the area since 1970, creating iconic images of Bucks County. He admits, "I am driven to paint. It is part of how I live. Once I have an idea, the urge is there to do what I have imagined."